Ironing services for Brno within 48 hours,
transport including

Take your time for what makes you happy, ironing is our concern.

About service

Do you like ironed linen, or is it a must for you to be perfectly dressed, but hardly you find the time for ironing or needed patience?

We provide ironing services including transport within Brno free of charge. At your request, we will fold your items or hang them on hangers – your own, or on ours metal ones.

How does it work?


To order ironing services you can use web form on our website, where you choose the date and hour to pick up your laundry, as well as the delivery date and time, or order by phone: +420 720 062 082.


Already in 24 hours from your order (depending on the time of ordering, during week days) we pick up your laundry, sign completion protocol and take your laundry for ironing.


Already in 48 hours (during week days) from receipt of load we will deliver your pressed laundry, payment for the service is in cash.

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Our clients

Petr wears shirts every day, and even if he can iron them himself, his company and other business activities are simply more important for him. He has no time for ironing, so he is glad that we take care of ironing of his shirts.

Petr H.

owner of advertising agency

The work as a real estate broker is time consuming and even working evenings are not an exception. Mrs. Lenka spends the weekends with her daughter, and she welcomes the fact that she can leave the ironing on someone else.

Lenka K

owner of real estate franchise agency Re/max Go

Mrs. Radka works as a nurse and at the same time she leads her own cosmetic studio. Leisure time she spends actively with her family, instead of ironing she prefers to do something with her daughters, or goes running.

Radka P.



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